I'm on your side.

My name is Dr Caitlin Keller, and I've been treating children with toileting challenges since 2014. I put this course together with the information I've gathered from treating the thousands of patients I've seen. This is the most effective, strategic way to address bladder symptoms.

Start Seeing Positive Progress Today

A compact, easy-to-take 6-week course.

Weekly homework to keep you on task with the things that matter.

Infinite repeats. You have access to this information forever.

A $1325 value.

Financial Investment

Purchasing a course like this is a leap of faith. But please trust us when we say, this course was made from only the best and most effective techniques learned over years of therapy with children in a one-on-one setting. These techniques are what more often led a family towards positive progress.

Imagine, your child and your family with a future free of stress about toileting, and freedom from thoughts like:

"Where is the nearest restroom?"

"Can my son have a sleepover without peeing his pants?"

"She's in the 3rd grade and still brings an extra set of clothes to school."

"As much as we restrict liquid at night, her sheets are always wet in the morning."

We want nothing but the best for your family.

Be well.

Serving children and their families throughout our community to help them achieve their toileting goals through innovative and effective care.

Improve your child's bladder symptoms! This course is based on many children treated on the individual level. We have pulled the most efficient and effective tools to help you and your child achieve improved toileting.